How to Impress a Potential buyer with a few simple upgrades to your home

Before listing your house for sale, make notes on what you might notice when shown through your house.  If some things need repairing, repair them, if it needs replacement, replace them.

Clear out the clutter.  All those knick-knacks that collected over the years need to go.  Prospective buyers need to see the awesome space your home can offer.

Pay attention to smells.  Refer from preparing smelly food the day before a showing.  You could rather brew coffee and bake cookies the morning of the showing.  A homey smell can just do the trick of closing a deal.

Repaint the walls in neutral colours.  A neutral colour will make it easier for a buyer to imagine their own belongings in the house.

Clean your house thoroughly.  Make sure to clean all those hard to reach places as well as the, ‘only once a year’, places.  Wash the windows.  Clean the fireplace and the ceiling fan blades.  Polish everything that needs a shine.  You may consider hiring a cleaning service to do a good job, once off.

Keep your décor simple throughout the house.  Nothing should distract the potential buyer from seeing the house and its possibilities.  Put all your personal items away before a showing.  Again, nothing should be too obvious yours.  The house should feel neutral, yet homey.

Open all curtains.  In warm weather, you can open the windows, too.  Bring a little sunshine and birdsong inside.  A potted plant or two and flowers in a vase can be focus points that draw the attention to features you like to be noticed.

Do a little renovation in the kitchen.  Replace fixtures, faucets and hinges with modern, shiny, new ones.  Fix all leaky faucets.  Tighten the loose doorknobs on cupboards and doors.

Do not spend all your time inside.  A tidy garden with shady trees, blooming flower beds and lots of shrubberies could draw the eye towards your house.

A prospective buyer’s inspection starts outside.  The outside should be inviting enough to make sure they want to see the inside of the house.

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