About Us

An Estate Agent’s function is to take all the difficult parts of the sales process and make them easy for the client.  They organise all the planning towards showing and marketing a house, all of which can be quite a hassle.  They negotiate.

Selling your property is our fundamental function; on the other hand, finding properties to sell to our clients, is also our job.  As an estate agent, we will liaise with clients to market their properties in the best possible way that will increase the market value of the property.

We maintain good agency practices through established procedures.  Following these procedures we ensure the agency’s ongoing compliance with all the laws pertaining to selling, buying or renting properties.  We have a well-equipped team of real estate agents.  All our agents are licensed and accredited professionals, well familiar with the ins’ and outs,’ of the real estate market.

As a real estate agent, we keep a very good turnover rate of properties, without losing the personal touch that each client need.  Client reviews can be viewed at; ‘support@sppppr.org.’  We understand that our most important goal in marketing is to promote our services, through always striving to be the best in what we do.