5 Factors to consider when choosing a Real Estate Agency

Selling your property or buying a new home is a big decision and can involve a huge amount of money. Deciding where to buy can be difficult, and selling your home will bring its own kind of problems.  Involving a Real Estate Agent when making these decisions can save you a lot of trouble and also ensure that you follow the correct channels.

Choosing an Estate Agent that will be to your benefit, you can take the following into consideration:

  1. Do research on Agents operating in the possible areas that you are considering buying your new home. An agent that knows the area well will be able to assess the positives and negatives of you’re buying a house there.
  2. Check the credentials and references of the Agent that you are interested in hiring. Find out how many listings the agent has at that moment and how long houses take to sell.
  3. Find an Agent that will take you on a tour through the neighbourhood you are interested in buying your new house, in the morning, in the afternoon and at night, as well as during the week and over the weekend. This way you can see, feel and experience the neighbourhood on all levels.
  4. A good agent will be forthcoming with information that also includes the negatives of a certain area or house. For instance, if the property is near railway tracks or on a bus route, it might be very noisy.
  5. Remember, an agent cannot discuss whether the area you’re interested in is a good area or what type of people live there, not even the quality of the local schools. They can, however, give information and supply data about crime statistics and school ratings.

When interested in selling your home, you should make certain that the real estate agent you hire has a proven record of getting deals done at an attractive selling price, without overpricing.

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