SPPPPR Real Estate Agency

Being an Estate Agent that strives to be the best in all services we deliver, it is important to maintain a high percentage in the performance of all tasks we take on.  We excel in customer services as well as in all real estate services.


Our services include elements of marketing, sales and administration

Everything needed to deliver an excellent service to our clients.

The Handling of all enquiries

About properties in regard to selling, hiring or buying of said properties.

Liaising with clients

To ensure the marketing of their property is being done in the best way possible.

Evaluating properties

And providing reports

Travelling to properties

And conducting viewings for possible buyers.

Ensuring that brochures and promotional

Information reach all the intended.

We negotiate

The best sale for a property owner, or find the best-suited home for a property buyer

The Administration on all deals

and making sure that buying or selling is all done within the law’s boundaries.

Our real estate agents are all professionals highly skilled in negotiating and selling of properties.  They have excellent communication skills to ensure maintaining a positive attitude with you, our client.  Their willingness to provide the best service possible, and in understanding the clients’ insecurities, regarding the sell or the possible buy, will be valued by all.  We are looking forward to being of service to each client.